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Key Google Mobile Updates

Those who are thinking about ranking on Google and want to get out in front of everyone else will know how hard it can be. With the recent Google mobile updates, it has become even harder for those who have not thought about becoming mobile-friendly.

These updates have been made after seeing how the market is doing and what users are searching for.

Google is always fast to react and makes algorithm changes to maximize the sites it is putting in front of users. Here is more on the Google mobile updates and what they entail.

Mobile-Friendly Rankings Being Promoted

The recent Google mobile updates have started to look at mobile-friendliness. The goal is to make sure the rankings are in sync with what Google is going for. The search engine does not want to waste time on sites that are not mobile-friendly because a lot of their traffic is not coming from desktops.

They are walking around using handheld devices and that makes it important for the updates to be made.

Those who are not making these updates are going to lose out in the long-term. Google is going to start penalizing those who are not mobile-friendly according to the guidelines they have released.

Emphasis On Visibility

Sites are not easy to read on mobile devices when they are not mobile-friendly. Google does not want to rank those sites because they are not something users will appreciate. This will start to drive users away from Google, and that is the last thing they want.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to emphasize visibility and the new algorithm is going to account for this and more.

The goal is for the site to fit in nicely on any mobile device and not stretch out and become impossible to read through.

Speed Matters

What is one feature that is going to matter a lot when it comes to these mobile updates? It does not matter whether the site is being accessed from a desktop or a mobile device, speed is something Google pays attention to and wants site owners to think about.

They don’t want to send users to a site that is hard to deal with because it is only going to cause trouble in the long-run.

They want to ensure the speed is as good as it should be. When speed is as good as it should be, the site runs well on all devices, and that is something Google wishes everyone to think about.

Regular Checks Will Be Done

Sites that are being run and are looking to rank on Google will need to understand there are going to be regular checks carried out. Google is seeking to clamp down on those who are ranking high, but are not mobile-friendly. This is something they have promoted in the recent updates that have come through.

Google is looking to ensure the regular checks are going to keep sites out that are not good enough for mobile devices.

They will penalize those who are not efficient.

These are some of the key Google mobile updates that have made their way through in recent times. A lot of site owners feel this is a real push towards the future by Google as it looks to promote the use of handheld devices and how they are being used these days.

Google knows more and more people are accessing their site with mobile devices, so they have to cater to the market.

This is why the updates have gone through and are going to hit those who are not paying attention and cost them their sites.

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